• Basic

    For first timers, you can learn the Puyo Puyo™ basics here.

    Control the Puyos as they fall to group matching colors next to each other. Group four together and they'll disappear with a "pop."
    Garbage Puyos just won't go away, even when they're grouped up. Pop neighboring Puyos and the Garbage Puyos will disappear with them. Whew!
    If one of your Puyos stacks up to the X mark, it's game over. Don't let them stack too high!
  • Advanced Controls

    Once you get the hang of Puyo Puyo™, take it to the next level with some advanced techniques.

    A "Chain" is when you pop one group of Puyos and it causes another group of Puyos to disappear after it. Aiming for bigger and longer chains is the name of the game!
    A "Simultaneous Clear" is when you pop differently colored Puyos at the same time. It's worth more than a regular pop!
    An "All Clear" is when all of the Puyos have been cleared off the board. That's the key to succeed!
    Watch out for Garbage Puyos during battle! Pop your own Puyos to "Neutralize" Garbage Puyos or even send some at your opponent!
    "Quick Turn" Puyos by quickly pressing the rotate button twice when in a cramped space.
  • Strategies

    Learn new skills to up your game and win, win, win!

    A "Stair Stack" happens when the fourth Puyo of a color is placed on a neighboring stack of Puyos, which is then popped, creating a chain.
    The "Sandwich" technique means starting a chain by putting a differently colored Puyos in between groups of the same color, then popping it. Yum!
  • Basic

    Fusion basics for beginners!

    Fusion combines Puyos and Tetriminos on the same matrix.
    Tetriminos can smash through Puyos. Any regular Puyos smashed will then rain back down from the top!
  • Advanced

    Once you get the hang of Fusion, try some advanced techniques!

    "Hold" onto a Tetrimino or Puyo to save it for later.
    "Special Tsumo" pieces change between Puyos and Tetriminos. Make sure you know what it'll be when it touches down.
    In Fusion, clearing multiple Puyos or blocks in a short amount of time will create a special chain. Think carefully about what to clear next!
  • Strategies

    Learn new skills to improve your game and win!

    Create chains by smashing a Tetrimino through Puyos!
    When you smash a Tetrimino through Garbage Puyos and regular Puyos, only the Garbage Puyos will disappear. Use this to your advantage and score some massive chains!
    In Fusion, you can stack additional Tetriminos on top of one that's smashing through Puyos. You could clear 8 lines at once this way!
  • Basic

    Tetris® basics for beginners!

    Navigate the Tetriminos through the matrix to create horizontal lines of blocks. Full rows of blocks will disappear.
    Garbage blocks that appear from the bottom always leave a single empty space. Drop a Tetrimino there to make them disappear.
    Once your Tetriminos reach the top of the screen, it's game over. Be careful not to stack too high!
  • Advanced

    Once you've learned the Tetris® basics, it's time for some advanced techniques.

    Get a Perfect Clear by clearing all the blocks in the matrix! That's the name of the game!
    "Hold" onto a Tetrimino to save it for later.
    Clearing 4 lines at once is called a "TETRIS" Line Clear and will score you lots of points!
    Start a combo by leaving 2 or more lines ready to be cleared, like in the screenshot, to set yourself up for success!
  • Strategies

    Learn new skills to up your game and win big!

    If there's a spot open in the shape of a Tetrimino, you can slide a piece in by rotating it with the right timing. This is called a "T-Spin." You can recover from mistakes and earn more points than usual. It's a little hard, but try it out!
    After a "TETRIS" or a "T-Spin," landing another one is called a "Back-to-Back" maneuver. Now you're playing with power!