Endless Puyo

Play Endless Puyo Puyo solo!

No Garbage Puyos here. Pop away to your heart's content!

Pop as much as you can and reach for a high score!

Endless Fever

Keep popping Puyos until the time runs out!

An "All Clear" is when popped Puyos keeps chaining until all Puyos have popped!

Place a blue Puyo here, and... pop pop pop!

Tiny Puyo

Pop Puyos on the Tiny Puyo board!

Up to 10 Puyos can fit on a single row. Nice and cozy!

More Puyos means more chains. Get popping!


Aim for a high score as you clear 150 lines!

But wait! Every 10 lines, the drop speed increases!

You're in it for the 150-line long haul. Hang in there!


Put the petal to the metal and clear 40 lines!

Race to the 40-line finish as quick as you can!

Gotta go fast to get a better time!


Clear as much as you can in the time limit!

You've only got 3 minutes, so make them count!

Make the most of your time for an ultra high score!